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Browsing online
When browsing online to see what we have to offer please remember that some of the items you see are the Autism Team's copies. These items are not available from the library. Please check to see if an item has the words Unit, EI, SEIRC, or SLC or Restricted in it's call no. before asking the library for it. If they do it is not a library copy.

For example circled in red here:

Availability circled in orange above shows 15 of 20 copies available. But if you click on the title of the item this example shows you that only 2 copies are available through the library for you to borrow:

This is just one of the reasons why borrowing in person is so important.

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“The closer we come to understanding the challenges of autism, the better we are placed to accommodate and educate without risking removing that individuality we all love.” ― Adele Devine, Colour Coding for Learners with Autism: A Resource Book for Creating Meaning Through Colour at Home and School

Autism Team's Google Site
Meet the Autism Team Specialists and learn about the valuable services they offer on the HRCE Student Services - Autism Google site.