Please join us in learning about and reflecting on the history and heritage of African Nova Scotians and people of African descent during this and every month.

This year's theme is Seas of Struggle: African Peoples from Shore to Shore which "recognizes the resiliency, strength and determination of people of African descent from the shores of Africa to the shores of Nova Scotia." - African Heritage Month 2023.

Be sure to take a look at the titles that are being highlighted in this year's Diversity Library Collection from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

These titles are available in English and French in our library along with plenty other amazing stories by African Nova Scotians and people of African descent, many of which can be found as part of our African Heritage and History Collection.

Lastly, we encourage you to visit your local Halifax Public Libraries branch to learn about what events, programs and opportunities are being hosted and made available during African Heritage Month and year round. 

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If you are a Parent or Guardian, you can log into your child's account to view their borrowed, overdue and lost books. To do so, you will need to enter your child's full Provincial Student ID number as the username and their first name in lowercase as the password. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I donate books to the BLT Jr. Library?

A: Please see our Donations Policy for details on what types of donations we can accept and how to make a donation of books to our Library.

Q: How many books can my child borrow from the Library?

A: Students can borrow a maximum of two (2) books at any given time. Please see our Borrower's Policy for more details. 

Q: How do I log in to view the books I or my child has out from the Library?

A: You can log in with using the Student ID number on the Library Card and temporary password you were supplied at the beginning of the year. If you did not receive your card, please fill out the Library Card Request Form.
Q: What do I do if I have my Library Card but cannot log into the OPAC?

A: Please contact the Library Technician and we will help you.

Q: What book was read to my child's class this week? 

A: Please visit the Read-Alouds List for 2022-2023 to see what story was read to each class.

Q: Will there be a Scholastic Book Fair this School Year?

A: The BLT Jr. Library is happy to announce that our Fall 2022 Scholastic Book Fair raised a total of $6,273.57 and we are thankful to the staff, students, parents, family and friends who made this possible!

Stay tuned for more information on future Book Fairs, Fundraisers and Events!
Q: How do I tell whether a book belongs to the BLT Jr. Library or another Library?

A: The easiest way to tell the difference between a book from our Library and another Library is the barcode. For example, barcodes on books that belong to BLT Jr. will begin with 400 while Halifax Public Libraries barcodes begin with 332930

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Hello and Welcome to the BLT Jr. Elementary Library! On this Public Access Catalogue or 'OPAC' for short, you can search for and reserve books in our school's collection as well as find links to educational resources and organizations that are freely available and accessible. If you are part of the BLT Jr. Staff, be sure to check out the HRCE Teacher Resource Centre as they have tons of resources for professional development, lesson planning and more.

This Online Public Access Catalogue will be frequently updated with new information regarding the Library and its collections, our community and ongoing or upcoming events, and useful information and resources available digitally so be sure to check back often! If you feel something important is missing, or you would like to contribute resources for learning and entertainment, please contact the Library.

For information on how to use this OPAC please see the tutorial video prepared by our cataloguer at the Library Services office here and for instructions on how to log in, please see the section to the left of this Welcome message. If you need assistance or you have questions about the Library or our website, please contact the Library Technician.

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